The motifs on Zeyrek Glass Backgammon are decorated using 24-carat gold, platinum and antiquated paints.

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Legend has it that in ancient times, the Indian Emperor sent the Persian emperor a chess game with a letter as a gift. While he did not make any explanation about the game in his letter, he wrote the following message:

Whoever thinks more, Who knows better, Whoever sees further wins. This is life… The Persian Emperor shares this message with Buzur Mehir, the most learned vizier of the time, and asks him to solve the game and invent another game to be presented to the Indian Emperor in return. After working for weeks, the queen solves every move of the chess piece and the logic of the game. Then he invents backgammon and presents it to the emperor.

A message is prepared to be sent to the Indian Emperor along with the game of backgammon: Yes, Who thinks more, Who knows better, Who sees further wins, but it’s also a bit of luck. That’s what life is… Backgammon, which was developed by Buzur Mehir, the chief vizier of the Iranian shah (Persian emperor) Nevşiyan 1400 years ago, is a game designed with inspiration from the concept of time. As the unity of the year, backgammon is one. The 4 corners represent the 4 seasons, the 6 digits opposite each other in the backgammon symbolize the 12 months, the sum of the stamps represents the 30 days of the month, the black stamps represent the night, the white stamps the day, and each opposite 12 digits represent the 24 hours of the day. Backgammon game became widespread in the Ottoman Empire in the 1400s. Backgammon became very important during the rise of the Ottoman Empire. In backgammon, which is a very common game in our country, masters and former players still use the names of traditional dice combinations, which have passed from Persian to Turkish.

Since there are more than 4500 possible moves in backgammon, mastering the game is achieved with time and playing the game a lot. However, luck is an important factor due to the use of dice in the game.

The motifs on Zeyrek Glass Backgammon were created by stylized ethnic and geometric patterns. The sun symbol on the stamps represents the day and the moon symbol represents the night.

The motifs on Zeyrek Glass Backgammon are decorated using 24-carat gold, platinum and antiquated paints.

*Zeyrek means quick-witted, understanding, strong-memory and intelligent person.


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