Sela Luxury was founded in 2022. The company’s line of business includes the retail sale of combined lines of gifts and novelty, limited pieces merchandise, souvenirs, greeting cards, holiday decorations, and miscellaneous small art goods. Unlike a typical gift and souvenir shop, Sela Luxury provides a unique combination of souvenirs and art works and introduces mosaic works as a new product.

Antique pieces are 80% of our production because our main target group are collectors and tourists. We offer a variety of hand-crafted, timeless pieces of antiques replicated in very limited numbers.

All products are high-quality hand made items in authentic, delicate and in the same time artistic style. The diversity of art products and the materials they are made of will attract a lot of customers at fair prices.



Sela Luxury strives to be a unique shop in the local market. We want our clients to have a complete experience when visiting Sela Luxury. Not only will they receive an unique souvenir or art work, they will also be provided with an artistic atmosphere, enjoy the design of the shop, the presence of the mosaic art works on the walls, the ceiling and the floor. The outlook of the shop will be unique that will set us apart from the competition.

Our main focus will be offering quality souvenirs at a great value. We will feature a large selection of unique souvenirs, offer original art pieces and mosaic works as well as small trinkets.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. Our motto is: “Unique things should be accessible for everyone.” We want to be the shop of choice for everyone regardless nationality or age.

We will combine variety of goods, atmosphere, ambiance, and friendly staff to create a sense of “place-worth-to-visit” for both tourists and locals.


Short-term: Set up a unique shop in the center of the tourist spot city of Kuala Lumpur. Attract tourists as well as local customers and increase sales of antiques and limited pieces of museum-replica arts. Develop and offer new unique souvenir products.

Long-term: Expand product family by adding copper products, vases, etc. Establish “Sela Luxury” as a place regarded as a “worth-to-visit” by the tourist companies.


Gift Wrapping.

Antique products which are Middle Eastern Museum-replicas, hand-crafted art, pots, jars, ceramics, copper and brass gift and souvenir items.

Hamper Arrangement.
Curated Gift Box & Hampers.
Delivery and Logistics Services.